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We are the only academy specialized in part-time coding studies in Miami.

Part-time is not just about the schedule: Years of experience and the development of our blended learning platform and methodology, trained teachers and special contents made us the perfect option for flexible, part-time and fast learning courses.

Innovative teaching that helps you learn 2x faster
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Fliped Classroom: No more boring, only projects and collaboration.

Our platform allow us to switch theory with real life projects: a successfull technique that decreased drop-out's in 30% and increased performance in 15+% around different US studies.

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Mastery Learning: Practice makes you a Master.

Our goal: you must master before moving on. Our smart algorithm produces infinite well thought exercises focusing on your specific needs as you progress through the course.

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1-on-1 Mentoring: Tailored for each student.

Small sized classrooms, our team is able to review every student performance. Teachers sit with each student to give them tailor made exercises, answer questions, etc.

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